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Miami, Florida, is known for many things, from its white sand beaches to popular nightclubs to cool underwater wreck sites and of course to its very delicious and high-quality restaurants.

One such restaurant that you will definitely want to at least consider checking out when you visit Miami is the Baires Grill.  There are currently four locations for this restaurant: Lincoln, Brickell, Sunny Isles, and Weston, though each one has a nearly identical menu and interior decor.

Miami’s Top Argentinian Steakhouse

Baires Grill is well known as being one of the premier Argentinian restaurants in the South Beach and Miami area. Most of the main courses on the menu are less than thirty dollars, while the appetizers are less than ten. Those are prices that not a lot of other Miami restaurants in the same class can boast of, some of which can run up into the fifty to hundred dollar range.

What the restaurant specializes in, and what attracts a large percentage of its customers, is the Black Angus Beef and an extensive selection of wines that are popular in the country of Argentina.  Again, the food is offered at very reasonable prices, which stands in stark contrast to a number of other comparable restaurants in the area.  Additional popular menu items the restaurant offers, besides the Black Angus steaks, are a number of pasta and seafood dishes, such as the Mahi-Mahi Piccatta.

Up-scale Decor And Atmosphere

What’s more is that when you walk into the Baires Grill, you would not at all guess that this is a restaurant that offers $20 or fewer food items on the menu. The interior of the restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere that is also very nice, modern and upper-class feel.

One of the biggest advantages to this more calm and relaxed atmosphere is that you can enjoy your meal while also enjoying wonderful conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and whoever else you’re having lunch or dinner with. Admittedly, there are many excellent restaurants in the Miami area that are not the best choice for enjoying a conversation due to the restaurant being more loud and boisterous, but the Baires Grill is much more calm, relaxed, and quiet and is a great place to talk.

Friendly Neighborhood Service

Professional service is also a top priority for the restaurant.  In fact. one of the biggest appeals of the Baires Grill is not just the prices or even the quality of the food, but also the quality of the service. Each guest is very cordially welcomed and customer satisfaction is a priority that the restaurant not only advertises in its marketing campaign but delivers on as well.

The Perfect Miami Restaurant For Work Events And Parties

Yet another benefit to the Baires Grill is the fact that the restaurant can host events for you as well, though only with a reservation that will ideally need to be booked several days ahead of time at the very least. There are both modern outdoor and indoor spaces available for you to host events at, with the spaces being either private or semi-private depending on the one that you choose.

Examples of meetings and events that you could host at the Baires Grill include, but are by no means limited to business meetings, conferences, presentations, rehearsal meetings and dinners, cocktail receptions, dinner parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, and even engagement parties and weddings.

In other words, any one of the four Baires Grill locations will be a suitable place for hosting events, meetings, and parties in either a more formal environment or for a more casual setting with your friends and your family.

What’s extra cool about hosting meetings of events at the Baires Grill is that you’ll be given a custom menu that includes meals that are not included in the normal menu.  

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All in all, the Baires Grill is perhaps the best Argentinian restaurant in the Miami area and offers high-quality food, wine, and a very relaxed, professional, and calm vibe for a very low price in contrast to many other restaurants in the area.  From steak to pasta to seafood, there is a wide variety of options on the menu, and as has been noted previously the restaurant will be a great location for dinner dates, family outings, and business lunches or dinners alike.

There’s one more cool thing you need to know about the Baires Grill as well.  Since it’s on the dinely app, when you use the app to reserve your table, you’ll automatically get 15% off. And that’s on top of that already lower food prices already.

With that kind of a deal, why wouldn’t you use Dinely for when you choose to have lunch or dinner at the Baires Grill?  In fact, you may be tempted to go to the Baires Grill more than once.